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Emil Sitoci (May 17th 1985) started out his pro wrestling career at the early age of 15.With an extensive background in judo and gymnastics, he made an impact by quickly capturing the Dutch Light-Heavyweight championship. After graduating high school in 2003, he moved to the United States to train with his good friend and mentor Chris Hero (aka Kassius Ohno) for 1 year. Upon returning to The Netherlands, Emil pursued an education in Film- and Television Studies. He graduated from Utrecht University in 2010, writing several academic papers about pro wrestling in the process. Emil mostly competes in the ring for wXw Germany, where he is the longest active wrestler on the roster (since 2001). He also works as a format developer for MasMedia, creating new and exciting television shows for the Dutch and international market.




Emil was hellbent on becoming a professional wrestler since his early childhood. As of this writing, he has wrestled in over 15 countries, including the United States, The UK, Germany, France and Japan. He has also held numerous championships. In 2013 Emil captured the Dutch Heavyweight Championship and held onto it for nearly 2 years. He even successfully defended it during his tenure on the hit reality show Utopia (SBS6, 2014). Emil's presence on the show enabled him to generate a viewing audience of over 1 million people for the match. An absolute record for Dutch wrestling. More recently in 2017, Emil captured the wXw Shotgun Title in Oberhausen, Germany by defeating Cody Rhodes, David Starr and Jurn Simmons. Emil also competed on a WWE Live Event in Birmingham, UK, where he was defeated by Jack Swagger. At the time, this made him the first Dutch wrestler to make it to a WWE ring in over 30 years.



TV Personality

Due to Emil’s notoriety in Dutch wrestling, he has often been invited to television and radio shows. In 2008, he was cast as a competitor on “Hollandse Krijgers” (Veronica, 2009). In this fierce reality contest, Emil lived with native tribes in Ethiopia for 8 straight weeks and competed in local sports such as stick fighting and wrestling. Emil would defeat 4 other top athletes to claim the victory. In 2014, Emil was also cast to be one of the very first characters on John de Mol’s reality series “Utopia”. In this social experiment, 15 different people were tasked with building their own ideal society from scratch. The catch? There's no laws, and no rules! The show was a megahit in the Netherlands, ultimately became the longest running daily reality show in history. Emil left after 6 months, due to a family emergency. Over the years Emil has occasionally also appeared as an actor in independent films, commercials and sitcoms. He was also the main focus in various TV documentaries.



TV Producer

After graduating University, Emil started a career as an producer for companies like BNN, Warner Brothers, and Tuvalu Media. After his stint on the Utopia reality show, he transitioned to a behind the scenes role at John de Mol’s Talpa Media (ITV) casting people, writing scripts, creating challenges for gameshows and coming up with different kinds of content. In 2017, he signed on to become a format developer at MasMedia. Going into 2018, Emil is focused on creating a lot of new TV content, while also boosting his wrestling career to new and exciting levels.

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